Important Information for Item Selection:

 As with any subscription service, your account is an open revolving account so you will not see a "Check Out" or "Cart" feature. Just be sure to SAVE your selections!

 -To add/change a subscription box, simply add the box from our "Shop" page, and then delete the old subscription box (if applicable) from "My Recurring Items". 

-To Add-on to your existing subscription, go to "My Recurring Items", select the browse products button and and click on the "Add-ons" tab from the upper left box. 

-In both sections be sure to select the "Add To Order" button.

-In the "Shop" you can choose "Add-On" items on either a one time or recurring basis.

-Please note: Add-Ons are available while quantities last-

 -After saving your selections, check for order accuracy by selecting the "My Box" tab. 

-The "My Box" tab should only be used to review accuracy of orders, or place add-on items to a specific delivery day. 

 -Billing is processed on Mondays.

A one-time $20 start up fee will be added to your first billing.

Please review the FAQ & the Terms & Conditions pages for details about your subscription.

Select "Continue to Shop" on the top left to begin

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